Alzheimer's research: a leading priority

We consider Alzheimer's research a vital priority, especially in light of the gradual rise of life expectancy in developed countries and the burden the disease places on healthcare systems and families.

Grifols leads its Alzheimer's research through the in-house project AMBAR (Alzheimer Management by Albumin Replacement), which represents one of our most ambitious clinical trials to date. The study seeks to broaden the therapeutic possibilities of plasma proteins to treat Alzheimer's. The results will be presented in late October 2018.

Grifols' first research efforts on Alzheimer's date back to 2004. More than a decade later, current research projects reflect an integrated approach that addresses three main objectives: plasma protein treatment, prevention and early diagnosis. The company has expanded its research in this field to include new therapies for other aging-related conditions.

Grifols also carries out Alzheimer's research through investee companies including Araclon Biotech and Alkahest.

The AMBAR study

AMBAR is an international and multicenter clinical trial that includes nearly 500 patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's in 40 hospitals across the United States and Spain. Grifols recently presented AMBAR's intermediate results, which confirm the treatment's safety and tolerability. We are looking forward to presenting the study's full conclusions at the end of October 2018.

AMBAR featured in the acclaimed magazine Nature

Grifols' innovative approach to stabilizing the progress of Alzheimer's disease, AMBAR, was recently featured in the prestigious magazine, Nature

AMBAR is based on the hypothesis that most of the amyloid-beta protein – one of the proteins accumulated in the brains of Alzheimer's patients – is bound to albumin and circulates in plasma. Extracting this plasma may flush amyloid-beta peptide from the brain into the plasma, thus limiting the disease's impact on the patient's cognitive functions.

Grifols launched the study  in 2013 and will present its final results in late October 2018.


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