In these exceptional circumstances, what we do matters,
more than ever

Since the Coronavirus outbreak began, Grifols has made its expertise in plasma available to health authorities, governments, agencies and society in general. At Grifols, we believe this current and extraordinary situation requires companies to strive more than ever to serve patients and communities.

For weeks, we have been sharing our extensive expertise in plasma that we have acquired over 100 years with many international health agencies. Particularly, we have shared our knowledge in the collection of convalescent plasma and manufacture of hyperimmune globulins from our work with the Ebola outbreak in Liberia. We continue to advance research, support integrated efforts for developing clinical trials with convalescent plasma from recovered patients, and invest in vaccine research and diagnostic solutions.

We know our products are critical for the patients who depend on our treatments. Through these unsettling times, we are diligently working to ensure there is a supply that can reach each and every one in need. Donations are crucial today and our donor centers form a critical infrastructure in many countries.

Now more than ever, we are extremely grateful to those who continue to donate. Thanks to the commitment of our donors and employees we are able to make a difference at such an exceptional time.

Anti-Coronavirus Hyperimmune Globulin

This video explains how convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients can be used to develop an anti-coronavirus hyperimmune globulin.

Press clipping

Date Media Headline
2 APR, 2020 RTVE Plasma de pacientes curados contra el COVID-19: "En julio ya podríamos disponer de las primeras dosis en EE.UU."
1 APR, 2020 North State Journal Global healthcare firm to produce first targeted COVID-19 treatment platform in NC
30 MAR, 2020 Ärzte-Zeitung Grifols entwickelt Hyperimmunglobulin
30 MAR, 2020 CCMA Un grup de malalts de Covid-19 millora gràcies al plasma de convalescents
29 MAR, 2020 El País "Ojalá podamos empezar los ensayos en abril"
29 MAR, 2020 El Correo La industria vasca contra la pandemia
27 MAR, 2020 Expansión Grifols cierra su alianza estratégica con la china Shanghai RAAS y anuncia que en julio tendrá lista la inmunoglobina anti-Covid en EEUU
27 MAR, 2020 La Vanguardia El plasma de pacientes curados se utilizará como tratamiento de los más enfermos
27 MAR, 2020 Handelsblatt Forscher wollen Covid-19-Patienten mit Antikörpern von Geheilten behandeln
26 MAR, 2020 Diari Ara "Les autoritats dels EUA tenen clar que això pot funcionar"
26 MAR, 2020 El País - Materia Los donantes de sangre que han superado la COVID-19, nueva esperanza contra la enfermedad
26 MAR, 2020 Europa Press Grifols rebota más de un 6% en Bolsa tras colaborar en ensayos clínicos para combatir el coronavirus
26 MAR, 2020 Expansión Grifols despunta en el Ibex con su estudio de terapias contra el coronavirus
26 MAR, 2020 News & Observer A facility in Clayton will play key role in a potential therapy for COVID-19
26 MAR, 2020 Catalunya Ràdio Grifols: "Analitzar el plasma de persones que han superat el virus permetrà treballar en vacunes"
26 MAR, 2020 La Vanguardia Grifols prevé iniciar en abril un ensayo con plasma para frenar COVID-19
26 MAR, 2020 The New York Times Spain's Grifols to Test Plasma Therapy for COVID-19 With U.S. FDA
26 MAR, 2020 Cinco Días Grifols colabora en EE UU para tratar infectados por coronavirus gracias al plasma con anticuerpos
25 MAR, 2020 Planta Doce Grifols sella un acuerdo con EEUU para producir el primer tratamiento para el Covid-19
25 MAR, 2020 BioCentury COVID-19 roundup: Grifols partners with BARDA, FDA on convalescent plasma; plus Vir, Sorrento, Ascletis, BMS and Ipsen
25 MAR, 2020 Daily Mail Spain's Grifols to Test Plasma Therapy for COVID-19 With U.S. FDA
25 MAR, 2020 Expansión Grifols acuerda con EEUU investigar una cura para el Covid-19
25 MAR, 2020 Grifols arriba a un acord amb els EUA per buscar un tractament pel coronavirus
25 MAR, 2020 Johnstonian News Grifols' Clayton plant to work on COVID-19 treatment
25 MAR, 2020 Reuters Spain's Grifols to Test Plasma Therapy for COVID-19 With U.S. FDA
25 MAR, 2020 Bloomberg Grifols to Work With FDA, Collect Plasma From Covid-19 Patients



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