Who can apply
  • Health care professionals (HCP) and healthcare organizations (HCO), such as hospitals, universities and independent institutions, with a proposal related to the objective of GHAGA: Demonstrate the contribution to improving education, support treatment dissemination, reinforce the diagnosis or facilitate access to treatment.
  • Participants who are HCPs must be employed and/or explicitly supported by a HCO.
  • Participants must be resident or incorporated in a country member of the United Nations and in which the project will be carried out.
The proposal
  • Participants shall submit a focused project with goals that can be achieved within 12 months.
  • Participants shall submit an application (following Grifols' application form) of their project proposals by attaching the following documents (all documents must be completed in English):
  1. CV or brief résumé (of only one participant’s CV)
  2. Letter of Intent containing:
    1. A brief description of the HCO, whether it participates directly or acts as an employer or endorsing participants who are HCPs.
    2. Description of the project (background, objectives, design, length and contribution to improving the quality of life).
    3. Timelines and detailed budget.
    4. Brief biography of the participant.
      Note: Use the downloadable template available in the participation form and upload it to the web in the corresponding field.
  3. Letter from the HCO that expressly authorizes the participant to submit a proposal in relation with a project. The letter must be stamped and signed by the Director (or equivalent title) of the HCO.  
    Note: Use the downloadable template available in the participation form and upload it to the web in the corresponding field.

By sending their proposal participants agree to all the terms and conditions for participation.

Further, participants authorize Grifols to retain and use their personal information filed for the entire application period. Grifols warrants that all personal information and project proposals will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties unrelated to these awards. For further details please refer to terms and conditions for participation.

Appraisal Criteria

The applications meeting the candidature requirements as detailed in the terms and conditions for applications will be assessed by the Review Committee for:


  • The validity of the expected outcomes and the project's potential regional impact.
  • The feasibility of completing the proposed work within 12 months.


  • The validity of the rationale / expected outcomes to contribute to increase disease awareness and or access to diagnosis, offer education or improve patient care.
  • Proposals showing potential regional impact will be highly evaluated.


  • Qualification of the participants and of the HCOs supporting the participants.
  • Expertise in the subject area in which the proposal will be executed.
  • Profile of the participant.

Review Committee

GHAGA Secretary