The Grifols family

Every role at Grifols requires specific skillsets and competencies, as well as attitudes that align with the company's values and bind us together. We value teamwork, honesty, integrity, responsibility and proactivity with efforts to incite and inspire collaboration and innovation.

We strive to cultivate a friendly, diverse and inclusive work environment. We offer development opportunities to enhance personal and professional growth.

Grifols is an equal opportunity employer, which is an important factor in our training initiatives, pay, promotion and development efforts.

We are all committed to research, development, production and commercialization of products that enhance people's health and well-being worldwide.


The driving force behind the Grifols culture is the people. I've met employees from all over the company: donor centers, manufacturing, corporate, diagnostics, sales, hospital…and everyone is committed to being the best that they can be and doing the best they can in service to the patients who use our products. We have this in common and it's what makes us a family."

Mark Ehlers, Los Angeles, California, US


I take pride in working at Grifols. On a daily basis, I get to collaborate with various divisions and everyone is working towards a common goal, which is to improve the lives of people around the world. In my role as corporate counsel, I always have our employees, donors and patients in mind in everything that I do."

Christine Avedissian, Los Angeles, California, US



Would you like to create a positive impact on the lives of others?

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Our business is organized into four divisions: Bioscience, Diagnostic, Hospital and Bio Supplies.

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Commitment to patients

The patients we serve around the world are able to lead better lives thanks to plasma-derived medicines and donors. Patients inspire the work we do every day.

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