Laboratorios Grifols: our origins

Dr. Josep Antoni Grífols i Roig and his sons establish Laboratorios Grifols in Barcelona, dedicated to clinical analysis, the manufacture of vaccines and blood transfusions.


First clinical analysis laboratory

The hematologist Josep Antoni Grífols i Roig founds a clinical analysis laboratory in Barcelona: the Instituto Central de Análisis Clínicos, a precursor to Laboratorios Grifols.


First instruments

The difficulty of keeping samples sterile drives Grífols i Roig to develop four different models of clinical analysis flebula, an analytical instrument used for extracting blood samples in aseptic conditions.


Pioneers of indirect transfusion

The First World War generates international interest in the science of blood transfusion. In Spain, Grífols i Roig patents the first instrument for carrying out indirect blood transfusions, the transfusion flebula.


A postwar family business

The founding of Laboratorios Grifols by Grífols i Roig and his sons, Josep Antoni Grífols i Lucas, a hematologist; and Víctor Grífols i Lucas, a chemist and pharmacist, begins an era of business dedicated to clinical analysis and the preparation of freeze-dried plasma.


Hemobanco Grifols is born

Freeze-drying as a technique for improving plasma conservation becomes a reality under the innovative leadership of Víctor Grífols. Against this backdrop, he opens the doors to the first private blood and plasma bank in Spain: the Hemobanco of Laboratorios Grifols. 


Plasmapheresis, a new method of obtaining plasma

Víctor takes control of innovation and Josep Antoni of Grifols' scientific research. For the first time in the world, the results of a systematic application of the plasmapheresis technique in humans are published in the British Medical Journal. The study, led by Josep Antoni, includes 320 donors and is presented at the 4th International Congress of Blood Transfusion Medicine. 


Gri-Cel, a company dedicated to scientific instrumentation

Víctor Grífols and Guillermo Celis found Gri-Cel, a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of laboratory and blood bank instruments, a future pillar of Grifols' growth. 


Plasma fractionation begins

Grifols opens its first plasma fractionation plant in Barcelona.