Caring for People

As healthcare experts, we improve people's well-being and quality of life through our scientific innovations, treatments and diagnostic and hospital solutions.

We strive to generate a positive impact on society beyond our business activities.

We work with more than 80 patient associations around the world to help increase disease awareness and diagnosis and we provide humanitarian aid and emergency support through NGO partners such as the World Federation of Hemophilia and Direct Relief.

As a strong proponent of universal access to medicines and healthcare, Grifols is taking important steps to help countries achieve self-sufficiency in plasma-derived medicines. Our sustained investments are contributing to more diverse sources of plasma as well as a greater number of therapies derived from it.

In this regard, our most recent international projects include an agreement with Canadian Blood Services to accelerate immunoglobulin self-sufficiency in Canada and a collaboration with the Egyptian government to develop the first integrated plasma-supply platform in Africa and the Middle East.

We also have programs to address specific needs of patients regarding access to treatment, such as the Grifols Assurance for Patients, the Grifols Patients Assistance and the Emergency Supply Systems.

Our commitment to people also includes a close and permanent collaboration with the scientific community, supporting its research efforts worldwide.

Fostering social action

Our company leads and promotes community outreach initiatives in areas where our employees and donors live, especially civic, social, educational and sports activities, and encourages our staff to participate in social-action projects in their hometowns.

Our Social-Action and Community-Investment Policy articulates the core pillars of the company's social commitment: education, engagement, advocacy and support.

Supporting local communities

Collaborating with Johnston Community College and the public schools of Johnston and Wake counties (North Carolina) to promote STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), with programs such as Discover the plasma and scholarships for girls to pursue higher education at Johnson Community College; organizing food drives to support people in need; or contributing to build homes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity are just a few examples of our community-outreach initiatives.

In collaboration with more than 450 organizations and institutions worldwide, our three principal foundations (Probitas FoundationVíctor Grifols i Lucas Foundation and J.A. Grifols Foundation) complement Grifols' social outreach initiatives by promoting ethical rigor and care for the most vulnerable people.

Examples of the foundations' work include: raising awareness of bioethics to healthcare professionals, young people and citizens; improving access to medical care in developing countries; providing nutritious meals to people at social risk; and leading or supporting educational initiatives to ensure equal opportunities.