Our pipeline

Grifols' ever-evolvingportfolio is focused on innovation in new products and therapies, continued improvement across all areas and new advances in industrial manufacturing systems and processes.

This table provides an overview of projects in development:

Project Area Research phase
Subcutaneous immunoglobulin
A new product to subcutaneously treat primary immunodeficiency to offers greater convenience to patients
Immunology Successful completion of clinical research, currently in the registration stage
Immunoglobin for myasthenia gravis
New therapeutic indication with intravenous immunoglobin
Immunology/Neurology Clinical
Albumin in bags
Brief description: New presentation for increased user convenience
Intensive care, hepatology Registration stage
Albutein® for acute-on-chronic liver failure
New indication
Intensive care, hepatology Clinical
Albutein® for liver cirrhosis
New indication
Intensive care, hepatology Clinical
Plastem® supplement for cell cultures
New product
Advanced therapies Research concluded, commercial launch in progress
Intravenous fibrinogen
New product to treat deficiencies
Hematology Clinical
Thrombate® for cardiopulmonary bypass
New indication for this antithrombin product
Hematology Clinical
Alphanate® for immune tolerance induction in cases of Hemophilia A with inhibitors
Potential new indication for this factor VIII clotting concentrate
Hematology Clinical
VistaSeal® for pediatrics
Brief description: New indication for this fibrin sealant
Biosurgery Clinical



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Grifols R+D+i projects focus on broadening the therapeutic potential of plasma proteins, enhancing the safety of blood transfusions, creating new solutions for hospital pharmacies and advancing intravenous therapies.

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