Víctor Grifols Deu

  • Position: Chief Operating Officer
  • Type: Executive
  • First appointment: 27/05/16
  • Re-elections: 09/10/20
  • Last appointment: 09/10/20

Mr. Víctor Grifols Deu has been Grifols' joint and several Chief Executive Officer together with Mr. Raimon Grifols Roura since 1 January 2017 until 3 May 2023, succeeding his father Mr. Víctor Grifols Roura on the position. At present, he holds the position of Chief Operating Officer, being member of the Board of Directors and is a member of the administration bodies of several companies within the Grifols Group. He was appointed as executive director in May 2016. He joined the Group in 2001 as an analyst in the Planning and Control Department. In 2008 he became the director of the Planning and Control Department and was also appointed member of the Executive Committee. He was part of the team that analyzed and was responsible for the integration of the transactions of Alpha Therapeutics, Talecris Biotherapeutics and Novartis' Transfusion Diagnostic Unit following their acquisitions. He holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Ramon Llull University – Sarrià Chemical Institute (IQS) and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration and Management from the Michael Smurfit Business School in Dublin.

Relation with significant shareholders: Victor Grifols Deu is a shareholder of Ralledor Holding Spain, S.L. (a non-controlling shareholder, pursuant to the Spanish Securities Market Act).