Shareholders' General Meeting

General Shareholders' Meeting 2017

Right to Information

Any shareholder may examine, at the company's registered address (c/ Jesús y María 6, 08022 Barcelona), and at this corporate webpage and obtain immediately and free of charge, the documents to be submitted for the approval of the Meeting, and they may also request these documents to be sent to them free of charge. If you would like to receive them, you can request them using the Channels of communication with the company.

Additionally, the shareholders may request the Board of Directors in writting, from the date of publication of the notice of call and until the fifth day before the date the General Shareholders' Meeting is scheduled to be held, or verbally during the meeting, the information and clarifications they may deem necessary, or to raise any question they may deem pertinent regarding the items included on the agenda.

Notice of Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting and Agenda:

The shareholders are informed that the Meeting is scheduled to be held on second call on May 26, 2017, at 12:00 a.m. CET, at the place stated on the notice of the meeting.

Resolutions and documentation available to shareholders:

General Shareholders' Meeting 2017

  • Proposed resolutions to be submitted to the General Shareholders' Meeting  Download (45Kb)

  • Group annual consolidated accounts, Auditors' report and Directors' report for the financial year 2016  Download (1.87Mb)

  • Grifols S.A. annual accounts, Auditors' report and Directors' report for the financial year 2016  Download (582Kb)

  • Annual report on Corporate Governance 2016   Download (344Kb)

  • Annual report on Directors' remuneration 2016  Download (108Kb)

  • Proposal of Remunerations policy for the Company Directors  Download (77Kb)

  • Report issued by the appointments and remuneration committee on the proposed remuneration policy for the company directors  Download (24Kb)

  • Text of the proposed amendment of the articles of association and the regulations of the general shareholders' meeting and directors' report regarding the proposals referred to in items ninth and tenth on the agenda Download (51Kb)

  • Report on the amendment of the company's internal regulations of the board of directors  Download (10Kb)

  • Board of directors' report regarding the proposal of re-election of directors  Download (18Kb)

  • Report of the appointments and remunerations committee regarding the proposal of re-election of non-independent directors  Download (17Kb)

  • Professional profile and biography of the Board Members whose re-election is proposed  Download (19Kb)

  • Report on the functioning of the audit committee 2016 Download (27Kb)

  • Reports on the functioning of the Appointments and Remuneration Committee 2016  Download (20Kb)

  • Report on the related party transactions 2016 issued by the Company's Audit Committee  Download (32Kb)

  • Report on the independence of the Company's external auditor issued by the Audit Committee  Download (24Kb)

Progress of the Shareholders' Meeting

Information relating to the number of participants in the Shareholders Meeting and the voting results for each proposal

  • Annual general meeting 2017 (spanish version)  Download (106Kb)