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Grifols, the newest angel of elBullifoundation Grifols has signed a collaboration agreement to become an "angel" in elBullifoundation
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Grifols discloses transfers of value made to European healthcare professionals and health-sector organizations in 2017 The company has released voluntary disclosures since 2015 in accordance with the EFPIA Disclosure code
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Grifols culminates a year of growth and approves the distribution of a record EUR 265 million in dividends Annual General Shareholders' Meeting helds with approximately 80% of share capital represented
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We are a solid company with an international dimension.

Corporate Commitment

We contribute to improving people's health and wellbeing by offering safe, high quality products produced using the latest environmentally friendly technology.

When a Dream Comes True. An Illustrated History of 75 Years of Grifols

Read When a Dream Comes True: An illustrated history of 75 years of Grifols to discover the company's roots, and learn more about our history and the development of the company.  + info


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