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SIPPET, an international randomized study, reports 87% higher incidence of inhibitors with recombinant factor VIII in patients with severe hemophilia A Results of the study have just been published in the May 26th issue of the New England Journal of Medicine
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Grifols' revenues increase by +5.6% to Euros 959 million, driven by growth of +10.9% for the Bioscience Division The company has announced a new industrial expansion plan and continues with its initiatives to increase access to plasma
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The Catalan Down's Syndrome Foundation and Grifols are working together to promote research Grifols has donated 150,000 euros to support the Foundation's research effort, designed to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disability
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We contribute to improving people's health and wellbeing by offering safe, high quality products produced using the latest environmentally friendly technology.

When a Dream Comes True. An Illustrated History of 75 Years of Grifols

Read When a Dream Comes True: An illustrated history of 75 years of Grifols to discover the company's roots, and learn more about our history and the development of the company.  + info


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