Grifols is building its non-plasma portfolio to ensure patients benefit from the broadest array of therapeutics. Our pipeline includes a new class of recombinant antibody therapies and novel small molecules.

First recombinant polyclonal antibody therapies

Our GigaGen group has opened new horizons of innovation to evolve current immune therapeutic modalities, with the development of the first recombinant polyclonal antibody therapeutics.1 Recombinant polyclonals consist of thousands of antibodies and are made in the laboratory versus being extracted from plasma.

Inspired by the science of the immune system, GigaGen’s industry-leading technology platforms copy and recreate the immune responses of the best human donors for a particular disease. GigaGen captures and isolates the DNA of antibody-producing immune cells (called B cells) and uses it to generate these recombinant polyclonal antibody therapeutics and treat disease in the same way a natural immune system would – with a diverse response.

Because recombinant therapeutics can be bioengineered, GigaGen is also investigating ways to create therapeutics that are more powerful than what the natural immune response can provide.

Innovation 360

Our patient-focused innovation also entails advanced disease screening platforms, futuristic automation and bespoke manufacturing technology.


Grifols improves patient care by providing accurate diagnoses and ensuring the highest safety standards throughout the treatment journey. Grifols Diagnostic researches and develops innovative solutions for blood and plasma donor screening and the clinical diagnosis of diseases.

Our product pipeline and portfolio are built on cutting-edge solutions that improve detection of certain infectious diseases and enable comprehensive blood typing to support the safety of our plasma-based treatments. We’re also adding to our strengths in clinical diagnostics, including genetic testing as well as immunoassays aimed at diagnosing disease and monitoring treatments, part of our commitment to precision medicine for better patient outcomes.

An example is our Alpha ID™ cheek swab, which has already screened more than 1 million patients for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency syndrome,2 a form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). More recently, at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed a highly sensitive molecular test in record time to facilitate early detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Our nucleic acid testing (NAT) platform is used more than any other technology in the world to analyze blood donations and keep blood supplies safer.3

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Grifols robotics are precisely and reliably managing the highly complex process of compounding oncology medications. Our highly mechanized systems, clean rooms and other technologies have a high reputation and are used by other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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2 Grifols internal estimate

3 Groves JA, Dodd RY, Zhu X, Linnen JM, Stramer SL. Background rate of low-level HCV RNA in anti-HCV confirmed-positive and minipool nucleic acid test-nonreactive blood donations. Transfusion. 2022;62(1):143-150. doi:10.1111/trf.16759

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