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Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse reactions and other medicine-related problems. Medicines may affect the body in unintended, harmful ways. These effects, called side effects or adverse reactions, represent risks of medicines. It is therefore important to identify any new or changing risk of a medicine as quickly as possible, and to take measures to minimize risk and promote safe and effective use.

Please fill out the following form if you think you could have presented any side effect or adverse reaction after receiving treatment with a Grifols product.

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Data controller: The Grifols' group company that holds a marketing authorization of the pharmaceutical product in any given territory, with pharmacovigilance functions at a national level, or acting as sponsor of clinical trials jointly with Grifols Worldwide Operations Ltd. Purpose: Detection, assessment, prevention, oversight, and management of the adverse events or any other safety issue related to the pharmaceutical products of the Grifols group. Legal basis: Compliance with legal obligations. Recipients: Grifols group companies, national and international authorities, and other third parties. Rights: To access, rectify, and restrict the processing. Additional information: For additional and detailed information on data protection please click here

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