Grifols is a leading global healthcare company. Our trusted and innovative plasma-derived medicines, other biopharmaceuticals and solutions in transfusion medicine enable millions of patients around the world to lead more productive lives.

Since our founding in 1909, our ever-growing mastery of plasma, diagnostics and life sciences, backed by our ethical leadership and industry-leading quality and safety standards, have contributed to a healthier and more sustainable society.

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Scientific innovation at work

Our deep and expanding knowledge of plasma and the life sciences is helping us better understand human health and research potential treatments to improve it.

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Commitment to people and the planet

Aligned with the United Nations plan to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals defined in its 2030 Agenda, we work every day to do more and do better to contribute to the health and quality of life of people around the world.

The patients we serve are able to lead better lives. Patients inspire the work we do every day.


Lifegiving plasma

Our innovative medicines made from human plasma enable millions of patients with chronic and rare diseases to lead more fulfilling lives.

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