Grifols’ efforts to strengthen its scientific initiatives include exhaustive analyses of potential startups, technologies and collaborators that could integrate synergistically into the company’s existing research programs. Game-changing ideas, patents, and thinking can come from all over the world, and we move rapidly to strike deals that further our objective of better understanding disease states and how to treat them.



Identifying the next breakthrough therapies

Our specialized Grifols Innovation and New Technologies group, GIANT, is the company’s external innovation arm, dedicated to diversifying Grifols’ external partnerships and investments to identify and develop strategic business opportunities.

Comprised of scientists and business professionals with expertise in drug discovery and development, GIANT acts as a corporate venture partner, scouting and evaluating opportunities in new therapies and technology platforms with the potential to complement the existing Grifols portfolio. It then manages investee companies and collaborations to ensure impactful contribution to the furthering of our mission.

An example of GIANT’s efforts are new platforms for developing innovative therapeutics, such as those from our Alkahest and GigaGen companies. After validating their pipelines, strategic direction and fit with Grifols, we took equity stakes in each company and, eventually, acquired 100% of them.

Investee companies

In its innovation portfolio Grifols also works closely with other companies in which it has important equity positions that enable tighter strategic alignment.

  • AlbaJuna Therapeutics is developing a new monoclonal antibody-based treatment strategy with the potential to neutralize HIV through the destruction of cells infected by the virus.
  • Araclon Biotech is specialized in the research and development of diagnostic methods and therapies for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Alliances and Partnerships

Specific technologies and capabilities from some of the world’s most renowned companies and research organizations round out our solutions. Collaborative efforts enable Grifols to provide the most complete array of treatments in the present while turbocharging our research for future therapeutic successes.  

  • Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Division
    A global partnership with Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Division provides solutions based on plasma proteins, such as fibrinogen and thrombin, to make important advances in biosurgery and the control of surgical bleeding. 
  • Endpoint Health Solutions
    Our worldwide agreement with Endpoint Health Solutions, a precision-medicine therapeutics company, will enable us to develop the use of our antithrombin III protein as a treatment for a type of clotting disorder that results from sepsis.
  • IrsiCaixa
    Through our collaboration with IrsiCaixa, we provide funding and support cutting-edge research to find treatments for various pathologies.

Scientific Awards and Programs

We support the scientific community and its work to improve therapeutic options for patients through scientific awards, scholarships, research-sponsored programs, and a peer-reviewed journal.

Our scientific awards and programs