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Grifols Engineering produces modular test centers for Liberia

Grifols Engineering, together with the Probitas Foundation, has begun installing new modular centers in Liberia to centralize the testing of plasma samples from donors who have survived Ebola.


Grifols Engineering builds a plasma fractionation plant in Egypt

Grifols and the Egyptian Government, through the National Service Projects Organization, have a strategic agreement to boost self-sufficiency in plasma-derived medicines in the country and broader region.


Specialists in biopharmaceutical engineering solutions

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Grifols Engineering specializes in biopharmaceutical engineering, working closely with clients and paying special attention to their needs.

Our experience and know-how are the result of several decades of developing in-house processes, facility projects and special machinery for Grifols manufacturing. We work in the health sector, meaning that our projects, precision machinery and manufacturing facilities are designed to comply with European health authorities and U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations.

We welcome new engineering challenges

We use our knowledge and experience to help your projects succeed. Our dynamic, professional team will strive to develop the most efficient process to manufacture your product based on the parameters you specify and accompanied by all the technical documentation required to obtain licensing.

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We establish a positive, efficient working relationship with our clients, ensuring high-quality results within the specified budget.