As an experienced and trusted partner to blood banks and hospital transfusion centers, Grifols Diagnostic improves transfusion safety through a comprehensive portfolio of transfusion medicine products that includes solutions to ensure blood compatibility and detect possible pathogens in donors of blood, plasma and tissues, while also simplifying laboratory operations.

We also offer a growing portfolio of specialized clinical diagnostics focused on select therapeutic areas, including the detection and treatment monitoring for infectious, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases. We provide hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals with clinical analysis and laboratory testing tools to deliver expert medical care.

Main areas of specialization

Transfusion Medicine

  • Detection of infectious agents in blood or plasma donations through the nucleic acid amplification technique (NAT technology).
  • Supplier of antigens for immunoassay reagents.
  • Instrumentation and assays for blood typing and antibody detection.
  • Molecular techniques for determining blood group genotyping of donors and patients.

Clinical Diagnostics

  • Immunological diagnostic of infectious and autoimmune diseases using ELISA techniques via antigen-antibody reactions.
  • Personalized medicine to monitor patients receiving biologic therapies.

Testing Services

  • The Clinical Laboratory provides specialized testing to physicians and laboratories in different therapeutic areas by combining both molecular and proteomic diagnostics, thus supporting them to make better diagnosis and prognosis of the disease and allow for a monitoring of the patient treatment outcomes.
  • The Immunohematology (IH) Center offers testing, consulting, and education for transfusion medicine professionals. This CLIA reference laboratory serves as a partner to advance patient care through a deeper understanding of clinically relevant blood group systems. This helps laboratories become more productive in delivering the best possible patient care by leveraging the advanced testing capabilities.

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