Patient Centricity

Grifols works to maintain trusted relationships with patient organizations, which are a critical voice for their members. We support these groups with reliable and transparent information in their efforts to increase disease awareness, promote early diagnosis, provide education and support, and advocate for improved availability of treatment and care.

Grifols' approach to engaging with patient communities is based on four pillars

Grifols' approach to engaging with patient communities is based on four pillars:

ADVOCATE: Grifols serves as a reliable source of information for patient communities and policymakers. We work to better understand the needs of our patients and advocate alongside them in an effort to overcome healthcare barriers.

EDUCATE: Grifols routinely hosts on-site and virtual educational events to provide patients with a deeper understanding of the journey of plasma from donor to patient, including tours of our plasma collection and manufacturing sites.

SUPPORT: Grifols believes in supporting the missions of our patient advocacy organization partners by providing charitable donations that help maintain the independence of these organizations while promoting sustainable operations.

ENGAGE: Grifols connects patient communities with plasma donors and employees to share their patient journey. We also partner with patient communities and patient organizations through ongoing collaborations on priority projects including awareness, early diagnosis and access to care.

Engagement initiatives are governed by a global policy for patient and patient organizations, which can be read here.

At Grifols, patient centricity is an ethos that is both aspirational and the foundation of a purpose-driven approach to achieving our mission.

Improving access to treatment

Our collaboration with public health systems is enabling more countries to move towards self-sufficiency in plasma-derived medicines. A recent example is the partnership with the Egyptian government to develop the first integrated plasma-supply platform in Africa and the Middle East.

We have specific programs such as the Grifols Hemophilia Awareness Global Awards or the AlfaCare aimed at improving patients' diagnosis, treatment and care.

We also have programs to address specific needs of patients regarding access to treatment, such as the Grifols Assurance for Patients, the Grifols Patients Assistance and the Emergency Supply Systems.

Humanitarian aid initiatives

Humanitarian aid initiatives

As a global healthcare company, Grifols recognizes its responsibility in providing humanitarian aid and emergency support. We work with Direct Relief to provide healthcare practitioners with medical resources following natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies. The majority of requests are for our specific immunoglobulin products that provide protection following viral or bacterial exposure.

Since 2014, Grifols has partnered with the World Federation of Hemophilia's Humanitarian Assistance Program to provide clotting factor therapies globally. In 2021, we extended our commitment to this program by committing to providing an additional 240M international units (IU) of clotting factor by 2030. 

Awards to improve care of patients with hemophilia

To support care of patients with hemophilia in countries with limited economic resources, Grifols in 2019 created the Grifols Hemophilia Awareness Global Awards (GHAGA). This program encourages healthcare providers, hemophilia treatment centers as well as hemophilia societies to drive initiatives that contribute to improving the care of hemophilia patients and their quality of life.

Patient Stories

We work to better understand the patient journey, including the challenges patients face and what it means to live with chronic diseases. The company communicates these experiences across our organization to guide daily decision-making and continue innovating to improve the quality of life of patients.

Chronic diseases treated with plasma therapies and other innovative solutions

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Impact on Society

Caring for people

Grifols, we are people helping people. Each of us contributes to fulfill our mission of improving people's health and well-being.

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