In our mission to improve the health and well-being of patients around the world, we endeavor to build trust with all our stakeholders. Transparent communications as well as adhering to the highest quality and safety standards are clear examples of how we work to establish and sustain confidence.

Interactions with patients and patient organizations

Our commitment to patients goes beyond our trusted treatments and includes the patient communities that strive – through disease-awareness campaigns and scientific research – to enhance the quality of life of their members.

Rules and codes that govern our work with patients and patient organizations include the Sunshine Act in the United States, the EFPIA Code of Practice on relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organizations in Europe, and various legal reporting obligations at the national level. Grifols fully supports and has voluntarily adopted global disclosure practices.

In addition, we have a global Patient and Patient Organizations Policy, which sets out our principles and commitments to patients and patient organizations. This policy ensures independence from commercial influence.

We publish country-specific reports on the support provided by Grifols to patient advocacy organizations worldwide. Select a country or region to find them.


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