The environment

Grifols takes its commitment to respecting the environment seriously. Our environmental management program is guided by the principles contained within its Environmental Policy, approved by top management and adhered to by all members of staff on a daily basis.

Grifols' environmental management program is certified according to the ISO 14.001. This certification indicates that all applicable environmental legislation is properly identified and complied with; that the environmental impact of the company's manufacturing processes and/or products are understood and acceptable; and that the company implements measures to prevent unnecessary environmental depletion. 

Environmental plan

In 2017, Grifols increased its resources destined to environment-related initiatives by 24%.  

The 2017-2019 Grifols Environmental Program sets various goals to be achieved by 2019. Each goal has specific actions to improve operational efficiency, including energy audits, implementation of best practices and process optimization techniques. 

Grifols promotes clean energy and best practices in transportation. Our sites in North Carolina, Los Angeles, Emeryville, Sant Cugat and Parets del Vallès all have integrated electric vehicles charging systems.


The efforts of every member of the Grifols team enable us to achieve our mission of improving people's health and well-being.

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Driven by values

At Grifols, we are convinced that an ethical, sustainable and transparent work ethos generates countless returns.

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