The environment

Respect for the environment is one of Grifols' top priorities. The company's environmental management system is based on the principles set out in our Environmental Policy. This has been approved by our President and CEO, and guides all of our employees in their daily work.

The Grifols environmental management system is ISO 14001 certified. This certification indicates that the company complies with all applicable environmental legislation, that it has established procedures to prevent environmental risk and to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, products, and services, and has established appropriate objectives for the continuous improvement of its environmental behavior.

The company's environmental strategy includes publication of an Energy Policy that stresses the importance of sustainable resource use, and helps to reduce the atmospheric emissions that contribute to climate change.

Grifols participates annually in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)  - Climate Change

Environmental program

The Environmental Program 2020–2022 establishes the goals for this period. Each of these contains specific actions, including measures to save energy and reduce atmospheric emissions, steps to reduce the consumption of water and raw materials, and increased recycling of the waste generated by our activities.

Grifols promotes clean energy and good transport practice to reduce its carbon footprint. As part of this effort, we have installed electric vehicle charging stations at our facilities in the United States in North Carolina, Los Angeles, and Emeryville, and in Spain at Sant Cugat and Parets del Vallès.

More detailed information on our environmental performance can be found in the Grifols Integrated Annual Report

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