The World

Grifols' growth through the twentieth century and beyond has been a story of dedication, innovation, and a unique vision.

That expansion started organically as a small family business, gained momentum as it embraced industrialization, then accelerated exponentially, as a world-spanning corporation.

The company was born of the trailblazing efforts of a father and his two sons. Sharing knowledge with other scientists, our founders managed to shape the discipline of hemotherapy. And by weaving alliances with other companies, we managed to become a global company.

Víctor Grifols Roura, son of the president and grandson of the founder, took the helm of the company in the 80s, and with the contribution of many different teams and individuals became the driving force behind its expansion until 2017.

Aware of its potential, his keen entrepreneurial vision was able to nurture a commitment that transcends cultures and borders, and build a company that remains true to its past, and focused on the well-being of its patients.

Today, Grifols has a team of thousands of people spread across its various locations throughout the world. This is the story of how they created a global company, the teams that made it happen, and the challenges they overcame together.

1980s. The commercial network

Intravenous solutions and scientific equipment production begin growing in the early 80s, making a dedicated team of sales people essential to the future success of the company. Víctor Grifols Roura takes over sales management and decides to create an exclusive commercial network, composed of well-trained and motivated individuals for the sale of our products.

1987. The holding company

After an industry shake-up, it is clear the entire organization needs to be reimagined. The senior management team makes the bold move of creating an entirely new holding group, to be named Grupo Grifols. Thanks to their vision and foresight, the stage is set for a new organization that could remain strong as it grows and diversifies.

1995. A rewarding effort

Grifols has the dream of a United States Food and Drug Administration license for its facilities in Parets del Vallès. Thanks to a coordinated effort by multiple teams across the company, it gains its first one in 1995. It is also a first for a Spanish pharmaceutical company, and only the second time a European plant has made the grade.

1999. The recovered identity

Grifols is facing a dramatic choice. Instead of bowing to market pressure, the management boldly decides to seize control of the situation. It costs around $200 million, but thanks to a strong team of legal professionals a historic deal is finally signed that buys back Grifols' control of its shares–and its own destiny.

1990s-2000s. A world to win

Sustained international success requires a well-trained international marketing and sales force. Building on the lessons and insights of its first, national commercial network, the company assembles dynamic individuals across the planet to create dedicated teams in territories on three continents. While being respectful of local sensibilities, they project Grifols values, globally.

2003. Placing plasma first

The strategy to guarantee self-sufficiency begins. Key acquisitions will eventually ensure that Grifols becomes the world's pre-eminent collector of plasma. To achieve that goal, more than 70% of its teams take control of every aspect of the production process and plasma supply.

2006. A public company

Listings on the Spanish Ibex 35 and then the NASDAQ are transformative events. Led by the financial management teams, an exceptional effort by the entire company allows Grifols to go public. The resources its new status confers allow it to expand faster, and further, and bring the discipline of quarterly financial commitments.

2011. Adding talent

Expansion is a two-way undertaking. As Grifols grows, the strength of new talent nourishes it as a company. And as other companies such as Talecris, Novartis, and Hologic become part of Grifols, their teams and individuals soon find that learning from and sharing our culture and values and integrating them consolidates an organization that is fit for the future.

2017. Passing the baton

In January 2017, chairman and CEO Víctor Grifols Roura makes way for his son Víctor Grifols Deu and his brother Raimon Grifols Roura. That family connection allows us to retain the vision of our founders: perseverance, a passion for excellence, and a relentless determination to make things happen, a vision that began over 100 years ago in a family home in Barcelona.