Understanding the past to build the future

The Grifols museum is a bridge from the past into the future of hemotherapy. Situated in the site where Laboratorios Grifols were established in 1940, it tells the story of the family business founded in 1909 that became a global leader in plasma medicines and transfusion medicine.

It takes you on a fascinating journey from the early years of the twentieth century to the present day, against the backdrop of the upheavals of war and social change.

The unique exhibits and audio-visual displays will give you insights into the origins of the company, its contributions to science and medicine — especially in the disciplines of hematology and hemotherapy — and its development as a global company and industry leader.

Along the way, you'll learn about the struggle of individuals, a family and the company they founded as they pursued their pioneering spirit, innovated their way to new treatments, and increased patient well-being.

The history of our company and its founders is an amazing one – and we hope that you find it as inspiring as we do!

The New Grifols Museum

Our innovation and values on display.

Useful information

How to get there

C/ Jesús i Maria, 6. 08022 Barcelona

Public transport:

  • Railway: L7 Av Tibidabo
  • Bus: V15


Contact with us

+34 935 710 410

Private Museum, visits by prior arrangement.