Grifols, a success story

Founded in 1909 as a small, family-run clinical analysis laboratory in Barcelona, Grifols today is a global leader in the development of plasma-derived medicines and transfusion medicine solutions.

Our unique and remarkable history combines scientific expertise with a desire to serve patients and society. We owe our success to the vision and perseverance of the company's founder, Josep Antoni Grifols i Roig, his sons Josep Antoni and Víctor, and all those who have followed in their footsteps. Our values reflect these qualities and are lived daily by everyone working at Grifols.

Read Grifols' key milestones below.


First clinical analysis laboratory

The hematologist Josep Antoni Grifols i Roig founds a clinical analysis laboratory in Barcelona: the Instituto Central de Análisis Clínicos, Bacteriológicos y Químicos, a precursor to Laboratorios Grifols.

Family heritage

First instruments

The difficulty of keeping samples sterile drives Grifols i Roig to develop four different models of clinical analysis flebula, an analytical instrument used for extracting blood samples in aseptic conditions.

Family heritage

Pioneers of indirect transfusion

The First World War generates international interest in the science of blood transfusion. In Spain, Grifols i Roig patents the first instrument for carrying out indirect blood transfusions, the transfusion flebula.

Family heritage

A postwar family business

The founding of Laboratorios Grifols by Grifols i Roig and his sons, Josep Antoni Grifols i Lucas, a hematologist; and Víctor Grifols i Lucas, a chemist and pharmacist, begins an era of business dedicated to clinical analysis and the preparation of freeze-dried plasma.

Family heritage

Hemobanco Grifols is born

Freeze-drying as a technique for improving plasma conservation becomes a reality under the innovative leadership of Víctor Grifols i Lucas. Against this backdrop, he opens the doors to the first private blood and plasma bank in Spain: the Hemobanco of Laboratorios Grifols. 

Family heritage

Plasmapheresis, a new method of obtaining plasma

Víctor Grifols i Lucas takes control of innovation and Josep Antoni Grifols i Lucas of Grifols' scientific research. For the first time in the world, the results of a systematic application of the plasmapheresis technique in humans are published in the British Medical Journal. The study, led by Josep Antoni, includes 320 donors and is presented at the 4th International Congress of Blood Transfusion Medicine. 

Family heritage

Gri-Cel, a company dedicated to scientific instrumentation

Víctor Grifols i Lucas and Guillermo Celis found Gri-Cel, a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of laboratory and blood bank instruments, a future pillar of Grifols' growth.

Family heritage

Plasma fractionation begins

Grifols opens its first plasma fractionation plant in Barcelona.

Family heritage

First North American partners

Grifols begins a partnership with Dade Reagents, a North American company that manages blood banks in the United States, directed by hematologist John Elliot. Products are sold across Spain under the brand Dade-Grifols.


Production increases

Grifols opens a new production plant in Parets del Vallès (Barcelona). The plant includes sections for plasma fractionation, manufacture of parenteral solutions, and scientific instrumentation.

Family heritage

Grupo Grifols is born

Control of the company is handed down to the entrepreneur Víctor Grifols Roura, a process that finishes in 1987. The holding company Grupo Grifols is created, uniting the commercial company and clinical diagnostic, plasma-derived medicines, and parenteral solutions production companies.

Family heritage

International expansion begins

Grifols opens its first subsidiary in Portugal, marking the beginning of decades of international expansion.

Family heritage

First Food and Drug Administration (FDA) license awarded

With the production plant in Parets del Vallès (Barcelona), Grifols becomes the first Spanish company to receive an FDA license for its installations and a biological product, albumin. 

Family heritage

New diagnostic cards

Grifols launches blood-typing cards based on new gel technology.

Family heritage

Integration of plasma donation centers

Grifols acquires the company SeraCare, now Biomat, and its 43 plasma donation centers in the United States. 

Family heritage

Acquisition of North American assets

Grifols acquires Alpha Therapeutic Corporation-Mitsubishi, including its plasma fractionation plant in Los Angeles (California). 

Family heritage

Grifols listed on the Spanish stock exchange

Grifols begins trading on the Spanish stock market. 


The IBEX35

Grifols is listed on the IBEX35.

Family heritage

The Grifols Academy of Plasmapheresis

The Grifols Academy of Plasmapheresis is launched to train employees in specific disciplines related to the plasma-derivatives industry.

Family heritage

A giant leap forward in the plasma industry

With the acquisition of the North American company Talecris Biotherapeutics, Grifols becomes the third largest manufacturer of plasma-derived medicines in the world and begins trading on NASDAQ.

Family heritage

Growth of Grifols Diagnostic

The acquisition of Novartis' transfusion unit offers integrated solutions across the different processes, from donation to transfusion.

Family heritage

Generational handover

Grifols' President and CEO, Víctor Grifols Roura, who took over from Víctor Grifols i Lucas during the 1980s, hands control of the company to his brother Raimon Grifols and his son Víctor Grifols Deu: Grifols' new Chief Executive Officers.

Family heritage

Leaders in transfusion medicine

With the acquisition of Hologic's transfusion unit, Grifols investigates, develops, and produces reagents and instrumentation based on NAT technology.

Family heritage

Acquisition of Haema

The acquisition of German company Haema enables Grifols to diversify and expand its network of plasma donation centers outside the US.

Family heritage

Donation center network expands with IBBI

Grifols grows its network of plasma donation centers, the largest in the world, with the addition of the FDA-approved Interstate Blood Bank Inc. (IBBI) centers. This includes 26 plasma centers, 9 blood donation centers, and an analytical laboratory. 


Strategic Alliance with Shanghai RAAS

Grifols closes a strategic alliance with Shanghai RAAS, a leading Chinese company in the plasma-derivatives sector. The agreement provides Grifols an opportunity to further its international expansion and build on its long-term, sustainable growth.


Grifols and Egyptian government inaugurate first African plasma-supply platform

Grifols and Egypt's National Service Projects Organization inaugurates their first plasma donation center, in El Cairo, less than a year after signing a strategic alliance to develop an integrated plasma-supply platform to help achieve self-sufficiency in plasma medicines in the country and region. As part of the agreement, by 2025 the partners will open 19 more donation centers as well as a testing lab and production facilities in the country.


Acquisition of Biotest

The acquisition of the German plasma-derivatives company Biotest makes Grifols the clear leader in the European plasma industry. The transaction includes a production plant in Dreieich (Germany) and a network of plasma donation centers in Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic.


Strategic Alliance with Haier Group

As part of its efforts to strengthen and enhance China's healthcare system, Grifols announced a strategic alliance with Haier Group to further develop the Chinese plasma market. This alliance enables the companies to explore synergies and opportunities to merge Grifols' excellence in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics with Haier's impressive portfolio of healthcare solutions.

A legacy of leadership

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Improving people's health and well-being

Every action we take is motivated by our mission to improve people's lives.

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