On-going training and development

At Grifols, we believe that continuous education is paramount in fostering the professional and personal development of our team in highly competitive and international markets.

For this reason, we offer employees on-going development opportunities to equip them with the skills and competencies needed to excel in their current roles and to grow into positions of greater responsibility in the future.

In addition to formal training opportunities in a variety of professional skills, Grifols maintains a strong talent management infrastructure that provides a wide array of professional support services.

Among other programs, we offer professional coaching, individual development planning, as well as motivation and preference assessments. Our goal is to help provide rich development paths targeted at the needs of both the individual and the company.


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The Grifols Academy of Professional Development

Grifols created the concept of The Grifols Academy in 2009 as part of our long-standing commitment to employees and society.

Today, Grifols has three specialized academies.

The Grifols Academy of Professional Development offers employees training focused on three core areas: scientific/technical knowledge, skills development and leadership.

Headquartered in Barcelona, The Grifols Academy delivers courses worldwide.

The Grifols Academy of Plasmapheresis

Offers advanced training on plasmapheresis procedures; the collection, analysis and control of plasma; the preparation of medical hemoderivatives; and ethical and quality knowledge focused on human health.

The Grifols Academy of Transfusion Medicine

Offers educational programs to global professionals on transfusion medicine. It strives to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in this field to deliver the best possible patient care.

Driven by values

At Grifols, we are convinced that an ethical, sustainable and transparent work ethos generates countless returns.

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