Industry interactions with the medical profession have a profound and positive influence on patient treatment and on the value of research. As primary providers of healthcare services, healthcare professionals and organizations offer us unique, independent insights and expert knowledge into patient behavior and disease management. The ability to leverage this expertise plays a critical role in informing and guiding industry efforts to improve the quality of patient care and treatment options. For these reasons, Grifols advocates fair compensation for healthcare professionals and healthcare, as well as for the services they provide to the industry.

Industry interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations should be conducted with integrity and transparency. We fully support, and have voluntarily adopted, the practices reflected in the new EFPIA Disclosure Code, and will continue to support any other country codes that promote transparent reporting.

Based on the EFPIA Disclosure Code, Grifols publishes a Methodology Note, as well as the country-specific reports on transfers of value made by Grifols to healthcare professionals and organizations during 2015 and 2016.

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Code of conduct and anti-corruption policy

Grifols' Code of Conduct expresses the principles of behavior that guide our company activities. These guidelines govern the conduct of Grifols and all its employees in the performance of their duties and professional relations, acting in accordance with the laws of each country where the company operates.

The Anti-Corruption Policy provides guidance to directors, employees and governing bodies of Grifols S.A. and all subsidiaries and affiliates around the world, as well as to third parties (such as defined within the Policy), on appropriate standards of conduct for interactions with government officials and other identified private individuals.


A commitment to transparency

An in-depth analysis of our core activities in 2017 and the impact on stakeholders within the framework of Grifols' corporate values and commitments.

Health and safety

A healthy and hazard-free place to work forms part of Grifols' commitment to its employees, as set forth in the company's health and safety policy. This policy focuses on constantly applying the strictest health and safety and accident prevention criteria in the workplace. Health and safety activity is systematically carried out in accordance with the Health and Safety scheme included in the management program.

Grifols occupational health and safety policy guarantees that all the group companies in Spain, international subsidiaries and collaborating companies, carry out their activities in compliance with the regulations, rules and provisions applicable in each different country according to national legislation and in compliance with Grifols' own safety standards.