Supporting donors and their communities

Thanks to the generosity and good-heartedness of the people who voluntarily donate plasma, Grifols can treat hundreds of thousands of patients around the world with plasma-derived medicines, enhancing their health, well-being and quality of life.

Donor safety, a priority

Donor safety, a priority

Safeguarding the health and safety of donors is an absolute top priority for us. Only qualified individuals may donate, and only after providing informed consent complying with local regulations covering areas such as donation frequency, data privacy and personal data protection.

Grifols compensates donors in recognition of their commitment to donating regularly and the time and effort involved. Specific remuneration, which depends on the socioeconomic context of each country, state or donor center, is considered supplementary and not an employment wage.

Many donors choose to forego part or all of the compensation offered by participating in the Grifols Plasma Possibilities Program, enabling donors to support local non-profit organizations.

Support to donor communities

Grifols donor centers help strengthen the cities and towns where they are located by creating job opportunities, stimulating the local economy and offering a variety of outreach activities.

All our centers participate in community-engagement events and contribute through charitable donations and volunteer programs.

We also have a dedicated foundation, the J.A. Grifols Foundation, to support the communities where donors live with awards and grants to help address their civic, social or educational needs.

Our relationship with donors is based on a deep-seated respect for human dignity and human rights. Learn more in our Plasma Donor Policy.

Plasma at work

Impact on Society

Caring for people

Grifols, we are people helping people. Each of us contributes to fulfill our mission of improving people's health and well-being.

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