A rich innovation ecosystem

Each of our interconnected global research hubs specializes in specific therapeutics and technologies affecting human health. Our work always begins with patients and their diseases that need treatment. We’re constantly asking, “What if?” as a first step to turning the possible into the probable.

European Hub

The company’s research centers in Barcelona, Bilbao, and Zaragoza (Spain), as well as in Dublin (Ireland) and Düdingen (Switzerland), focus on plasma-based therapeutics and diagnostic solutions. Our latest research center in Andorra will specialize in world-class immunology research.

Raleigh Triangle Park Hub (North Carolina, U.S.)

Our hub in Raleigh Triangle Park, the largest research park in the U.S., is exploring the application of new plasma-protein entities in organ transplantation, neurology, and ophthalmology. We are also exploring innovative technologies to improve the yields and manufacturing throughput of our existing plasma-protein medicines.

California Hub (U.S.)

The San Francisco center of excellence is home to our Grifols Diagnostic Solutions, Alkahest and GigaGen subsidiaries. They work to develop innovative reagents and assays for diagnostics, as well as plasma and non-plasma drug discovery for various therapeutic areas, including neurology and infectious diseases. Our San Diego center is dedicated to cutting-edge research and development of infectious disease assays and systems for donor screening. Here, the latest generation of nucleic acid testing (NAT) solutions are being built.

Our hubs collaborate closely with the Shanghai-based research center belonging to Shanghai RAAS, a leading Chinese company in the plasma derivatives sector with which Grifols has a strategic alliance. Investigative collaborations cover plasma-derived medicines and diagnostic solutions.


Extending our Innovative Reach

External investments, alliances and partnerships complement our in-house efforts and contribute to an unmatched innovation ecosystem dedicated to treating patients.

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