Pride in donors and passion for patients

Blood plasma contains hundreds of essential proteins and antibodies vital to the body's ability to maintain critical functions. Thanks to the generosity of plasma donors, Grifols is able to produce plasma-derived medicines that treat chronic, rare, prevalent and, at times, life-threatening conditions.

The patients we serve around the world can lead better lives thanks to donors and the plasma-derived medicines they make possible. Patients drive the work we do every day.

Supporting donors and their communities

Supporting donors and their communities

Grifols' commitment to donors is founded on a profound respect for human dignity and human rights. The health, safety and well-being of plasma donors is our main priority.

Our commitment also extends to the communities where donors live. Both through our plasma donation centers and our J.A. Foundation, the company supports donors and their communities by creating job opportunities, stimulating the local economy, and offering a variety of social outreach activities.


Patient centricity

Patient centricity

Patients are our purpose, the core of our mission. Our commitment to patients inspires us to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety for the medications we produce and to innovate to develop new therapies.

Grifols is working to help countries achieve plasma self-sufficiency and facilitate access to plasma-derived medicines worldwide, as we consider access to medicines and healthcare should be universal.

Grifols' commitments to donors and patients are guided by our Plasma Donor Policy and Patient and Patient Organizations Policy.

Social Value

The social value generated by Grifols

Applying the Social Return in Investment (SROI) methodology, Grifols measured the social value that its donation centers generated for patients, donors and communities.

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Our commitment to sustainability

Grifols' longstanding commitment to people and the planet entails helping society on all fronts by strengthening our positive social, economic and environmental impacts.

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