Grifols introduces AlfaCare in Spain, the first support program for patients with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD)


  • AlfaCare is a comprehensive, personalized assistance program that offers training, counseling and a range of other services to AATD patients to encourage new habits and help them better manage their disease
  • This pioneering program was developed in collaboration with the Alfa-1 Spain Association with the support of a multidisciplinary clinical team
  • AATD is a rare genetic disease whose symptoms resemble those of other respiratory disorders. It affects an estimated 3.4 million people worldwide, including 14,500 in Spain
  • Depending on the patient's genetic mutation as well as external factors, AATD can lead to pulmonary emphysema in adults and diverse liver diseases in children and adults

Barcelona, November 15, 2018.- Grifols, a global healthcare company that develops plasma-derived therapies, clinical diagnostic technologies and specialty pharmaceuticals for hospital use to enhance the health and well-being of patients worldwide, today announced the launch of AlfaCare, the first comprehensive training, motivational and support program for patients with AATD.

AATD is a rare, under-diagnosed genetic condition whose symptomology concurs with that of other respiratory disorders. Depending on the patient's genetic mutation, it can lead to higher risks of pulmonary emphysema in adults and various liver diseases in children and adults.
AlfaCare is a personalized patient assistance program that complements the customary care and clinical treatment offered by healthcare services. To this end, it covers needs that the current healthcare system is unable to address, providing a range of resources and services to help patients more effectively manage their disease.

Among its services are personalized emotional support and counseling sessions with AATD-specialized professionals, and comprehensive and detailed information to help patients better cope with their disease. The program also includes motivational physical and social activities to help patients confront the challenges of AATD, adopt new lifestyle habits and adhere to their treatment regimes. It also hosts workshops and educational talks on respiratory care and other topics of interest to encourage the exchange of experiences among patients.

AlfaCare was developed in collaboration with the Alfa-1 Spain patient association and backed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, including psychologists and patient mentors. It also benefits from the advice of an expert committee made up of pulmonologists from hospitals across Spain.

The AlfaCare program underlines Grifols' commitment to improving the quality of life of patients

Testament to its steadfast commitment to patients, Grifols launched AlfaCare in November to coincide with Alpha-1 Awareness Month and the 30th anniversary of the product release of Prolastin®.

Grifols has developed similar programs in other countries, including the United States, Germany and Canada.

This initiative complements Grifols' research efforts in the AATD field, focused on the development of new early-diagnosis tests and new formulations for augmentation therapies to treat AATD.

AATD, an inherited and under-diagnosed disease

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is a rare genetic disease defined by a deficiency or absence of the alpha-1 protein in the blood. It is the most common cause of liver disease in children and severe pulmonary emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in adults.

AATD is more prevalent than other rare lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis and pulmonary arterial hypertension. AATD symptoms vary depending on the degree of severity and type of genetic mutation, as well as on external factors.

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency affects an estimated 3.4 million around the world1, although most patients are unaware they have the disease. In Spain, AATD affects approximately 14,500 people2.

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