Grifols, the newest angel of elBullifoundation


Barcelona, July 5, 2018.- Grifols, a leading company in the global healthcare sector, has signed a collaboration agreement to become an "angel" in elBullifoundation, a private foundation headed by Ferran Adrià. The agreement joins two entities that, despite being very different, share some common traits: both were born in Barcelona, stand out for their pioneering spirit and have achieved international recognition by placing innovation as their primary engine for growth.

One of the features of the collaboration, among others, will be an in-depth exploration of Grifols' vast historical archive by applying the Sapiens methodology, developed by Adrià. Through this process, Grifols' long history will transform into an engaging and approachable fountain of knowledge for those interested in learning more about the company's history and contributions to hematology and hemotherapy.

Throughout its more than 75 years of history, Grifols has been recognized for its culture of ongoing innovation, which guides its day-to-day activity. As an essential corporate value, innovation is fostered throughout the entire Grifols organization.

For its part, elBullifoundation promotes creativity and innovation through a multidisciplinary dialogue that encourages experimentation and the testing of new limits. This methodology is grounded on four main pillars:

1. Maximum order and organization to ensure unlimited freedom to create
2. Continuous questioning to spark a new way of understanding things
3. Combining a quest for knowledge with creativity, order and efficiency
4. Immediacy, a cross-functional approach and individual/team-based work