May 29, 2020

Grifols acquires parcel in Lliçà de Vall to grow the company’s production facilities

  • The 517,000 square foot piece of land is located in Lliçà de Vall, a municipality adjacent to Parets del Vallès, and will be used to grow the company’s industrial and research capabilities
  • With this investment, Grifols reinforces its commitment to local industrial growth in the Vallès Region and Catalonia to produce plasma-derived products and diagnostic solutions that will be distributed in the world’s main markets
  • This acquisition will generate high-skill employment, adding to the current Grifols workforce in the region of more than 3,500 employees

Barcelona, May 29, 2020 - Grifols (MCE: GRF, MCE: GRF.P y NASDAQ: GRFS), one of the leading companies in the production of plasma-derived medicines and leader in the development of innovative diagnostic solutions, today has formalized the acquisition of 517,000 square feet in the municipality of Lliçà de Vall (Vallès Oriental Region) to grow its industrial capacity in Barcelona. The agreement that today was finally closed was supposed to occur in 2018, leading to a two-year delay in the start of the project.

Specifically, the land is located in the Can Gurri area, adjacent to the Llevant Industrial Park in Parets del Vallès, where Grifols opened its first plant in 1972 and where currently the company has a large part of its manufacturing facilities in the country. Construction and  reparceling of the new industrial park have already begun.

In a first phase, Grifols expects to invest 130 million euros in the building of the new production facilities to strengthen the growth of the Bioscience division, specialized in the production of plasma-derived medicines. It also expects to increase the manufacturing, research and logistical capabilities of the Diagnostic division, a global standard in transfusional medicine.

“The acquisition of this land in Lliçà de Vall forms part of our commitment to investing locally and generating high-skill employment in the region, in which we’ve had a presence for nearly 50 years,” said Ricard Bronchud, VP Global Facilities, who added: “The new facilities will enable us to grow in the following years, and we’ll be poised to take advantage of new expansion opportunities.”

Sònia Farrés, Territory alderwoman of the Lliçà de Vall City Hall, affirmed that “Grifols’ commitment to the Vallès Oriental Region is a great development opportunity for the area, especially from a jobs and economic reactivation point of view. The presence of one of the most important companies in the country and internationally will have a great impact, directly and indirectly, on the municipality’s economy.”

This acquisition is included within the capital investment plan (CAPEX) for the 2018-2022 period, with 1.4 billion euros allocated globally. With this transaction, the company wants to strengthen Grifols’ organic and sustainable growth and ensure the long-term availability of sufficient productive facilities to meet the business demand. At the same time, this strategic investment reinforces the company’s commitment to the region.