April 28, 2021

Grifols and Andorran government will establish world-class immunology research hub to expand global knowledge of the immune system and develop therapeutics

  • This flagship facility in the principality, the Pyrenees Immunology Research Center (PYIRC), will be one of the few immunology-dedicated research centers in Europe and will serve as an international reference center for the development of treatments for immune system disorders through translational and clinical expertise
  • It aims to attract international multidisciplinary scientists and technicians who will also collaborate on initiatives including teams from other leading global research institutions
  • Equipped with cutting-edge facilities and technology, the complex is expected to be completed during 2023 and will add to Grifols’ growing worldwide R+D+i footprint, currently involving more than 1,200 people in 10 research centers
  • Grifols and Andorra Development and Investment (ADI) will incorporate a new company (joint venture) that will be owned by Grifols and ADI on an 80%-20% basis, respectively. The agreement will become effective pending relevant authorizations

Barcelona, Spain, April 28, 2021 – Grifols (MCE: GRF, MCE: GRF.P, and NASDAQ: GRFS), a leading global producer of plasma-derived medicines with a history of more than 110 years contributing to improve the health and well-being of people, today announced it has signed an agreement with the government of Andorra through Andorra Development and Investment (ADI) to establish a global R+D+i hub to advance knowledge of the human immune system and investigate and develop new immune therapies.

The planned facility, the Pyrenees Immunology Research Center (PYIRC), will focus on developing treatments for immune system disorders that can result in diseases including autoimmunity disorders, cancer and emerging infectious diseases. It will also host and sponsor conferences, symposiums and educational programming on the subject matter as well as promote broader awareness of immunological pathologies.

When completed in 2023, this center will be one of only a few in Europe dedicated to immunology and is expected to attract international multidisciplinary scientists and technicians distinguished for their translational and clinical expertise. Their immunology research will also include collaborations with teams from other leading global research institutions.

To be located in the Andorran Pyrenees, the immunology research hub will be designed by Grifols Engineering and Grifols Innovation and New Technologies (GIANT), which have vast experience in creating advanced facilities for healthcare research and manufacturing. Best practices in environmentally respectful design and construction, including materials, will harmonize the campus with the natural surroundings. Efficient use of energy and water as well as leading technologies will also help ensure a sustainable footprint. From the outset, the objective is to secure the prestigious LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Grifols, which has a growing research presence globally that involves more than 1,200 people dedicated to R+D+i in 10 centers, will draw on its deep-seated scientific expertise and laboratory management skills to run the new research center, which will be equipped with cutting-edge facilities and systems, including the latest bioinformatics and data analytical tools.

“Grifols is very pleased to build a world-class immunology R+D+i facility in Southern Europe in the green and inspirational environment of the Andorran Pyrenees. The center is destined to become an international hub to advance knowledge of the immune system and develop therapeutics to enhance people’s health and quality of life,” said Víctor Grifols Deu, co-CEO of Grifols.

“The government of Andorra considers this initiative to be extremely positive, especially heading into the post-pandemic environment and as a response to the objectives included in the government’s roadmap to diversify the economy, strengthening its commitment to priority sectors such as biotechnology, research, technological advancement, innovation, attracting talent and developing high value-added activities,” said Xavier Espot, head of the government of Andorra.

Pending the relevant authorizations, Grifols, through GIANT, will own 80% of the joint venture created to develop and manage the new R+D+i center. The remainder will belong to the Andorran government through Andorra Development and Investment, the principality’s economic development agency.

Under the agreement and in alignment with the ownership structure, Grifols will have a majority of the new incorporated entity’s board of directors, with the remaining seats corresponding to the government of Andorra. The expected investment is in the range of €25 million for the construction of the center and approximately €7 million in annual operating costs to conduct research. Grifols will provide all needed financial support to build the center and develop the project.

Grifols retained Osborne Clarke Spain, S.L.P as legal advisors.