July 19, 2021

Grifols further expands its activity in Africa with agreement to set up an intravenous solutions manufacturing plant in Nigeria

  • To be constructed by Grifols Engineering, a global standard-bearer in the development and building of advanced production facilities for the healthcare and biotechnology industries
  • The plant will be operational in 2024 and will produce 5.5 million intravenous solutions (IV) bags yearly for the plant’s owner, Dozie and Dozie’s Pharma Nig Ltd., a leading distributor of healthcare products in Nigeria and neighboring countries
  • Grifols recently marked a milestone in Africa through a key strategic partnership with the government of Egypt to develop plasma-derived medicines and enhance the region’s self-sufficiency in these treatments

Barcelona, Spain, July 19, 2021Grifols (MCE: GRF, MCE: GRF.P NASDAQ: GRFS), a leading global producer of plasma-derived medicines and provider of technologies and services for hospitals, clinics and compounding centers, today announced it will establish an intravenous (IV) solutions production plant in Nigeria for Dozie and Dozie’s Pharma Nig Ltd., a leading provider of healthcare products in the country and surrounding region.

When completed in 2024 in southeast Nigeria, the manufacturing installation’s initial phase will produce as many as 5.5 million intravenous solutions bags yearly to be used in hospitals and other healthcare institutions in Nigeria and other African countries.

Grifols Engineering, with broad global experience building advanced, specialized production facilities for the healthcare and biotechnology sectors, will design the plant and provide clean rooms and process equipment. Sufficient capacity will be incorporated to enable the doubling of output to meet the expected growth in demand.

“Grifols is extremely pleased to be selected by Dozie and Dozie’s Pharma for a state-of-the-art IV solutions manufacturing plant to enhance healthcare delivery in Nigeria and Western Africa,” said Daniel Fleta, Grifols Chief Industrial Officer.

“This plant is the latest demonstration of our ongoing commitment to provide high-quality medicines and healthcare solutions to meet the growing needs of the region,” stated Chidi Dozie, CEO of Dozie and Dozie’s Pharma Nig Ltd., which currently distributes Grifols plasma-derived therapies.

Grifols strengthened its presence in Africa when in November 2020 it entered into a key strategic alliance with the government of Egypt to develop the local market for plasma-derived therapies, including the opening of 20 plasma centers and the construction of a plasma fractionation plant and a purification and fill-and-finish plant. Africa will benefit from this advanced infrastructure aimed at strengthening regional self-sufficiency in hemoderivatives.

The company has also designed and established a plasma collection center and modular laboratories in Liberia as part of efforts to combat Ebola, and is completing an IV solutions plant it designed and equipped in Morocco.

About Dozie and Dozie’s Pharma Nig Ltd.

With headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, Dozie and Dozie’s Pharm Nig. Ltd is an award-winning company established in 1990. It was formed with a clear mission of making research-driven specialty medicines available to clients in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Its focus has been on the importation of medicines in various areas including oncology and immunology, among others. Due to the huge success of this business, the company is progressing towards total exclusivity for these specialised drugs in almost all the tertiary hospitals, corporate hospitals, and the top private clinics and government institutions and agencies. For more information, please visit www.dozieanddoziespharm.com.ng