May 21, 2021

Grifols reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and innovation in its AGM and celebrates its 15th anniversary of being listed

More than 80% of share capital represented

  • Grifols’ management in 2020 demonstrates the resilience of the company, which continues to advance its expansion and diversification plan of access to plasma while enhancing its innovation strategy
  • Grifols’ co-CEOs highlight the company’s core areas in 2020 and the pillars of its growth strategy, as well as sustainability commitments
  • Shareholders endorse the company’s management and ratify all agenda items
  • The company allocates more than EUR 250 million to dividends and maintains its commitment to creating value for its shareholders

Barcelona, May 21, 2021.- Grifols (MCE: GRF, MCE: GRF.P, NASDAQ: GRFS), a global company dedicated to enhancing people’s health and well-being through the development of plasma protein therapies, clinical diagnostic technology and pharmaceutical specialties for hospital use, and a pioneer in the research and development of therapeutic alternatives aimed at driving scientific and social progress, today celebrated its Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting on second call.

In accordance with legal provisions, the 2020 General Shareholders Meeting was held exclusively by telematic means for the second consecutive year, without the physical presence of shareholders or their representatives, through a remote connection and direct broadcasting.

Grifols’ General Shareholders’ Meeting for the 2021 fiscal year was represented by 488 shareholders, who hold 343,277,727 Class A shares and represent 80.6% of stock capital with voting rights. The votes delegated to the Board represented 97.3% of the quorum and 78.4% of share capital, confirming shareholders’ support of the Group’s management and business plan.

Grifols’ management in 2020 led to an upward in revenues to EUR 5,340 million (6.1% cc1). The company made significant strides to further consolidate its global leadership, expanding and diversifying its access to plasma with 351 centers in the United States and Europe in order to continue ensuring the supply of plasma-based medicines for patients and meet the projected strong demand.

At the same time, Grifols established new strategic alliances to help countries such as China, Canada and Egypt achieve self-sufficiency in plasma-derived medicines.

In parallel, Grifols accelerated its innovation strategy to guarantee its long-term growth, through the acquisitions of the remaining equity of Alkahest and GigaGen.


Grifols 2006-2021: 15 years on the stock market

On May 17, 2006, Grifols began trading on the Spanish stock exchange in Barcelona. Over these 15 years, Grifols’ share price has risen by nearly 1,000% to reach a market capitalization of EUR 14 billion, a clear testament to the company’s firm commitment to sustainable growth and creating value for both shareholders and society as a whole.

In this regard, in 2020 the company generated an economic impact of EUR 7,500 million, while contributing to the creation of 140,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs in the United States, Spain, Germany and Ireland.

Grifols has grown exponentially since its 2006 market launch: its revenues have multiplied by 10 and net profit by 24, while its workforce has grown sixfold. The company currently employs 24,000 people.

Over this 15-year period, the company has allocated EUR 5,400 million to capital investments and innovation, enabling it to led as a global benchmark of industrial excellence and boast a broad, ambitious and diversified portfolio of innovation projects.

In recent years, Grifols has also strengthened its commitment to a long-term sustainable development model, marked by important strides in environmental, social and corporate governance.

Thanks to this outstanding performance, Grifols is today recognized among the world’s the most sustainable companies, as evidenced by its inclusion on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Euro, Euronext Vigeo Europe 120, Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 and the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), among others.

Guided by our pioneering spirit, steadfast values and 110 years of history, these last 15 years have been a time of continuous transformation and an ever-increasing commitment to society, patients and donors, which, through your efforts and dedication, we are sure to continue building on in the future.

Non-financial information and sustainability

Grifols' main milestones and indicators of non-financial information and corporate sustainability for the 2020 fiscal year, included in the Integrated Annual Report, were endorsed at the General Shareholders' Meeting.

Of note was the creation of a Sustainability Committee established to reinforce Grifols’ corporate governance and move forward as a responsible and transparent company with its stakeholders. The company continuously seeks to enhance its economic, social, environmental and corporate governance performance.

Committed to creating value for shareholders

In 2020, Grifols maintains its pay-out of 40% of the group’s consolidated net profits.

Grifols’ shareholders approved the distribution of more than EUR 250 million in dividends (approximately EUR 0.36 gross per share) in 2020. This amount includes the preferred dividend of EUR 0.01 gross per share of each Class B share.

The dividend will be distributed2 from June 7, 2021 onwards.


Approval of agenda items

Key agenda items ratified by the shareholders include:

  • Approval of the individual and consolidated annual accounts
  • Re-election of Víctor Grífols Roura and resignation of Ramón Riera Roca as members of the Board of Directors, as well as the reduction of the Board of Director membership to 12 members
  • Appointment and re-election of auditors
  • Approval of the Annual Compensation of the Board in an advisory capacity

1Operative or constant currency (cc) excludes exchange rate variations over the period.
2Carried out through Iberclear and its participating entities, with BBVA acting as the payment agent.