Growth and International Expansion

  • Historic Growth

    The Diagnostic division at Grifols grew out of a partnership with Dade Reagents that began 1960. Together, the companies formed Dade-Grifols and marketed the Dade reagents in Spain. In 1968 the U.S. company American Hospital Supply took a 50 percent holding in the three Grifols companies.
  • 1973, Production Plant in Parets del Vallès

    In 1973 Grifols opened its new production centre in Parets del Vallès, on the outskirts of the city of Barcelona. Due to its association with American Hospital Supply, Grifols became familiar with U.S. regulatory authorities and requirements. This, in turn, inspired Grifols to introduce new quality controls at the company's blood banks in Spain and to implement Good Manufacturing Practices in the company's production facilities.
  • 1982, Change of Shareholders

    In 1982, there was a change in the shareholders of the Grifols companies when Alpha Therapeutic Corporation, a plasma therapeutics company and a subsidiary of the Japanese group Green Cross Corporation, acquired the shares previously held by American Hospital Supply. It was at this point in time when Víctor Grifols Roura left his position as sales director and was nominated as managing director of the company. He took over from his father, Víctor Grifols Lucas, who had assumed the additional responsibility of technical director of the companies since the deaths of both his father and his brother. During his years as the head of the company, Víctor Grifols Lucas introduced Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) to the manufacturing facilities and instilled his strong commitment to product safety throughout his team. This company philosophy of quality, safety and professionalism has earned Grifols many national and international awards.
  • 1987, Company restructure

    In 1987, Grifols underwent an important company reorganization and converted to a holding company. This reorganization resulted in the Grifols Group, which is composed of four distinct companies: Laboratorios Grifols, which focuses on the manufacture of fluid therapy and nutritional products; Instituto Grifols, which discovers, develops, produces and distributes plasma-derived protein therapies; Diagnostic Grifols, which focuses on the design and manufacture of instrumentation for hemathology and diagnostics as well as the manufacture of reagents; and finally, Movaco, which handles the sales and distribution of Grifols' products in Spain. Grifols continues to grow by expanding its product portfolio, reaching into new markets around the world, and acquiring companies that provide innovative products and technology around the world.
  • International Expansion

    The company's international expansion started during the 1990s, when Grifols obtained two licenses from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The first was an establishment license for the manufacturing plant in Parets del Vallés, and the second was the product license for albumin, a plasma-derived therapy. In 2002 Grifols purchased the U.S. company SeraCare, now named Biomat USA, together with its 43 plasmapheresis centers. One year later, Grifols acquired the assets of Alpha Therapeutic Corporation-Mitsubishi, which included a plasma therapy manufacturing plant in Los Angeles. As part of this expansion, Grifols established corporate offices in California to manage the company's U.S. operations. These corporate offices currently manage the plasma therapy manufacturing structure as well as the U.S. sales structure for both the Bioscience and Diagnostic divisions. In June, 2011, Grifols acquired Talecris Biotherapeutics, Inc. to become the third largest global manufacturer of plasma-derived protein therapies. The acquisition enlarged Grifols' plasma collection platform to 147 donor centers across the U.S. and provided Grifols with a well-established market in Canada and Germany. Today Grifols has a strong presence in Latin America, with branches in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, México and Colombia. In Europe, Grifols has branches in Portugal, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland and Sweden. In Southeast Asia, Grifols has branches in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The company also has commercial activity in Japan, Australia and China.

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