Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR)

Grifols maintains a long history of commitment to science and research dating back to the 1940s.The Global Bioscience Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR) program is exemplary of this commitment.

The program provides support to external researchers who have an interest in advancing scientific knowledge in therapeutic areas that are strategically aligned with Grifols' Bioscience business interests such as immune deficiencies, neurologic conditions responsive to IgG therapy, COPD and alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, coagulation and anticoagulation, shock and trauma, cirrhosis and ascites, and inflammation underlying various conditions.

ISR studies are generally hypothesis generating and/or provide proof of concept. They may be:

  • Preclinical in vitro research or translational in vivo animal studies
  • Noninterventional clinical studies
  • Interventional clinical studies
  • Data analysis studies

ISR proposals are evaluated on scientific merit, therapeutic research interests, and the qualifications of the applicant. Proposals are evaluated and funded on a semiannual basis.

For more information about the ISR program, please contact Cynthia Henning at