Grifols' research projects aim to increase the level of innovation of products and services that help to improve patient healthcare and quality of life.  R&D activity is carried out within the scope of each division.


Grifols leadership in plasma-derived proteins is based on a R&D program with two essential aspects:

  • Product developments: research into new therapeutic applications for plasma-derived proteins.
  • Industrial developments that improve production methods or achieve new ones to increase efficiency of the plasma derivatives.


Grifols encourages research into plasma-derived proteins by organizing the
Grifols Scientific Awards.

Clinical trials

One of the most important clinical trials is the AMBAR (Alzheimer Management by Albumin Replacement) project that focuses on the treatment of Alzheimer's using plasma-derived proteins. Other studies in progress involve the use of albumin in hepatology and antithrombin in heart surgery.


Grifols conducts research and development for new systems and technologies that will contribute to the safety of blood components intended for transfusion therapy. Other projects are related with the development of new reagents and analyzers for immunology and hemostasis areas.

The company is also working on the validation of a preclinical diagnostic kit for Alzheimer's based on the detection and quantification of the presence of the three proteins with greater presence in blood circulation (amyloid beta peptides (Aβ) 17, 40 and 42), which could be considered as potential biomarkers for an early diagnosis of the disease.

In the field of personalized medicine, one of the areas with the greatest potential for growth, Grifols is working on the production of genomic and proteomic tests for in vitro diagnosis, disease prognosis, response prediction and for monitoring drug therapies. Furthermore, it is also developing tests for molecular diagnostics and prognosis in oncology, autoimmunity and cardiovascular fields, and for the central nervous system.


Research and development projects search for better ways to attend to the needs of hospitals. This division develops new pharmaceutical products. One of the current lines of research involves developing electrolytic solutions and ready-to-use pharmaceutical preparations.