Four divisions, one Grifols

Grifols has four business divisions united by a shared commitment to quality, safety, and ongoing innovation: Bioscience, Diagnostic, Hospital, and Bio Supplies

Our consolidated and complementary core business units develop, produce, and market innovative products and services in over 100 countries or regions.

Gold-standard Engineering

As Grifols grew into a global plasma leader over the last 50 years, the company became increasingly known for its industrial excellence, with advanced machinery, robotics and equipment for highly sophisticated and efficient manufacturing operations.

Grifols Engineering designs and builds the company’s global production facilities, continuously setting industry standards for precision performance, sustainability and outstanding quality. Its singular excellence draws on Grifols’ commitment to continuous innovation.

Such is its reputation that Grifols Engineering provides its services to the wider biopharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

About Grifols Engineering

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We have 15 industrial state-of-the-art facilities in seven countries that provide us with the capacity and flexibility to satisfy a growing demand for our products.

The Bioscience Division carries out the fractionation and purification processes in its manufacturing plants in the US (Clayton, North Carolina and Los Angeles, California), Canada (Montreal), Ireland (Dublin), and Spain (Barcelona). At present, the company has a fractionation capacity of 17 million liters of plasma per year. Six Grifols-owned testing laboratories, three in the U.S. (Austin and San Marcos, Texas, and Memphis, Tennessee), one in Germany (Berlin), and another one in Spain (Barcelona).

The Diagnostic Division has production centers in the US (Emeryville and San Diego, California), Spain (Barcelona, Vizcaya and Murcia), Switzerland (Düdingen), and Australia (Melbourne).

The Hospital Division carries out its production in Spain (Barcelona, San Sebastián and Murcia), and in the US (Denver, Colorado).

The Bio Supplies Division has production centers in Germany (Leipzig), and in the US (Memphis, Tennessee).


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Products and services

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Research areas

Grifols R+D+i projects focus on broadening the therapeutic potential of plasma proteins, enhancing the safety of blood transfusions, creating new solutions for hospital pharmacies, and advancing intravenous therapies.

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Our history

We trace our roots back to 1909 when Josep Antoni Grifols i Roig founded a clinical analysis laboratory in Barcelona, the precursor of Laboratorios Grifols.

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