Grifology: to innovate in the present, we need to first look to the past

Grifols' pioneering spirit is a constant throughout its history and has only one goal: innovate to improve people's lives.

Grifols is following the unique methodology of the elBullifoundation, chaired by Ferran Adrià, to analyze its own historical archive with the highest scientific rigor, reviewing each milestone achieved over the past 100-plus years, a heritage that has made the company a benchmark of innovation in hemotherapy.

Since its earliest history, the Grifols name has been linked to innovations in the field of medicine, technology and research. As the company has evolved, expanded and prospered, so have its innovations.

The Cabinet is the first step in Grifology, a repository of innovation articles which allows us to access the company's most significant and innovative contributions, categorizing them according to different variables: historical period, type and level of innovation, scope, leadership, economic impact and dissemination. This is an evolving archive that, in addition to being a historical record, aims to serve as an inspiration with practical examples of innovation in the business world.