Thomas Glanzmann

Susana González Rodríguez

  • Position: Director
  • Type: Independent
  • First appointment: 10/06/22

Ms. Susana González Rodríguez holds a degree in Business Administration from the Asturias Business School and an MBA from the San Francisco State University. 

Ms. Susana González Rodríguez began her professional career in the electronics industry, holding different positions at TE Connectivity. Ms. Susana González Rodríguez is currently a senior executive at Rockwell Automation where, since January 2019, she has served as President of the European, Middle Eastern and African regions. She is also managing director at Rockwell Automation B.V., and is a member of the Global Business Women Leaders Council by the Conference Board and a member of the Spanish Board Association -ICA. During her professional career, she has lived and worked in the U.S., China and Germany. She currently resides in Spain. Her professional background has provided her with expertise and knowledge on strategy, sales, and digital transformation.


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