Víctor Grifols Roura

Position: Chairman of Honour

Type: Proprietary

First appointment: 08/07/91

Re-elections: 30/05/02 – 20/06/07 – 24/05/12 – 26/05/17 – 21/05/21

Last appointment: 21/05/21



Mr. Victor Grifols Roura is since 30 September 2022 Chairman of Honour of the Company and proprietary director since 1 January 2017. From 1987 until his appointment as non-executive Chairman, position which he held until 30 September 2022 he was the Chief Executive Officer and top executive of the Grifols Group, succeeding his father, Mr. Victor Grifols i Lucas, in the role and spearheading the 1987 reorganization that resulted in the Group's structure as it is today. Mr. Victor Grifols Roura originally joined the Group in 1973 as Exports Manager later becoming Sales Manager. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Barcelona.

Relation with significant shareholders: Víctor Grifols Roura is a shareholder of Deria S.A. (a non-controlling shareholder, pursuant the Spanish Securities Market Act). He is also a shareholder of Scranton Enterprises, B.V. (a non-controlling shareholder, pursuant to the Spanish Securities Market Act).