Biotech processes

Our experience in our plasma derivatives manufacturing plants means we can work on both upstream and downstream processes.



  • Fermenters
  • Media and buffer tanks
  • Harvest tanks

These systems can be fully automated, minimizing running costs. The systems incorporate automated cleaning and sterilization processes, which can be validated.

Engineering - Biotech Processes


  • Tangential filtration units

- Fully automated systems
- Integrated system cleaning process
- Can be configured to client requirements
- Monitoring and recording of system control parameters

  • Chromatography columns

- Fully automated systems
- Automatic elimination of air bubbles
- Can be configured to client needs
- Detects chromatography peaks

  • Viral inactivation

- Thermal
- Chemical
- Filtration

  • Machines for aseptic dosing of liquids: GSF® (Grifols Sterile Filling)

- Unique patented system for dosing liquid products under aseptic conditions
- Global solutions: preparation and sterilization of components, handling, aseptic filling, process control and laser etching
- More than 20 years of reliable aseptic dosing

Engineering - Biotech Processes