Grifols Engineering to build a plasma fractionation plant in Egypt

Grifols and the Egyptian Government, through the National Service Projects Organization (NSPO), are developing a fully integrated plasma-supply infrastructure to reach national self-sufficiency in plasma medicines.

Their strategic agreement established a joint venture company owned by NSPO (51%) and Grifols (49%). The transaction will enable Egypt to strengthen its healthcare system and enhance care for all Egyptians.

Plasma fractionation plant

Grifols and the NSPO are combining their industrial experience and financial efforts to design, build and operate 20 plasma donation centers in Egypt, with an initial capacity to obtain 600,000 liters of plasma per year, as well as production facilities that include:

  • A fractionation plant (with capacity to fractionate up to 1 million liters of plasma annually, expandable to 2 million)
  • A purification and dosing plant
  • A warehouse
  • A testing laboratory

Grifols Engineering is managing the construction and start-up of the production facilities on land covering 105,000.00 m² in the New Capital area.

The plasma donation centers and facilities are expected to be operational by the end of 2025.